Where The Presidents Lived

Richard Nixon (Yorba Linda)
Ronald Reagan (Santa Barbara)

District of Columbia
Woodrow Wilson (plus his birthplace less than three hours away in Staunton, Va.)

Jimmy Carter (Plains)

Ulysses S. Grant (Galena)
Abraham Lincoln (Springfield, plus birthplace sites in Hodgenville
and Knob Creek, Ky., and his boyhood home in Lincoln City, Ind.)

Benjamin Harrison (Indianapolis)

Herbert Hoover (West Branch)

Zachary Taylor (Louisville)

George H.W. Bush

John Adams (Quincy, plus his birthplace in the same city)
John Quincy Adams (Quincy)
John F. Kennedy (Brookline)

Harry S Truman (Independence, plus his farm home in nearby Grandview)

New Hampshire
Franklin Pierce (Hillsborough)

New Jersey
Grover Cleveland (Princeton)

New York
Chester A. Arthur (New York City)
Millard Fillmore (East Aurora)
Franklin D. Roosevelt (Hyde Park)
Theodore Roosevelt (Oyster Bay, plus his birthplace in New York City)
Martin Van Buren (Kinderhook)

James A. Garfield (Mentor)
Warren G. Harding (Marion)
Rutherford B. Hayes (Fremont)
William Howard Taft (Cincinnati)

James Buchanan (Lancaster)
Dwight Eisenhower (Gettysburg)

Andrew Jackson (Nashville)
Andrew Johnson (Greenville)
James K. Polk (Columbia)

George W. Bush (Crawford)
Lyndon B. Johnson (Johnson City)

Calvin Coolidge (Plymouth Notch)

Thomas Jefferson (Charlottesville)
James Madison (Orange)
James Monroe (Charlottesville, plus his mansion in Oak Hill)
John Tyler (Charles City, also previously the home of President
William Henry Harrison)
George Washington (Mount Vernon)


2 Responses to “Where The Presidents Lived”

  1. David Says:

    Great list! May I recommend three more. Dwight Eisenhower’s childhood home and library are in Abilene (150 miles west of Kansas City), Kansas, http://www.eisenhower.archives.gov. You can do an Eisenhower/Truman tour in a long weekend. Second, Eisenhower’s birthplace is in Denison (an hour north of Dallas), Texas, http://www.eisenhowerbirthplace.org.

    My last recommend is Lincoln’s Summer Cottage in DC, http://www.lincolncottage.org. He wrote the Emancipation Proclamation there. It is three miles north of the White House.

  2. Wes Says:

    You are missing two (Ford and McKinley).

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