Andrew Johnson: The Glover Family Tour

We began our Glover family tour of the presidential homes with a visit to Mount Vernon during Memorial Day week of this year. Our three children (Anthony, 7; Elli, 5; and Catie, 2) mostly enjoyed that leg of our journey because the tour included a scavenger hunt of sorts to keep the youngsters engaged.

The Andrew Johnson historic site isn’t nearly as kid-friendly, so there were more whimpers of “Can we go yet?” than there were smiles and laughter. It didn’t help that the tour of the various parts of the site took us much longer than we had anticipated and bumped against the lunch hour. Plus we squeezed the visit to Johnson’s place into our return nine-hour trip to Virginia after a week’s vacation in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Needless to say, there weren’t many photo ops for the family. But here are a few pictures I snapped:



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