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The Presidential Road Trip Begins

May 31, 2007

I am a long-time fan of presidential history. I have a mini-collection of presidential biographies at home, and several years ago, I wrote a children’s book with a presidential history peg: “George Washington Beaver & The Cherry Tree.”

My interest in the topic extends to the homes of the presidents. While in college, I visited Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia with my family and purchased a coffee-table book about presidential homes, replete with brilliant photographs. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to tour the presidential homes myself.

My wife, Kimberly, has always liked the idea, too. One of our early dates was a trip to Monticello in the fall of 1994. Because we are home-schooling our young children, we decided that now is an excellent time to continue our journey and share it with Anthony (7), Elli (5) and Catie (2).

Fortunately, we live in Virginia, a commonwealth rich in presidential history. Our home is within driving distance of some of the most renowned locations on the list of presidential homes — Mount Vernon (George Washington), Monticello (Thomas Jefferson), Montpelier (James Madison) and Ash Lawn-Highland (James Monroe). Although we’ve been to Mount Vernon and Monticello multiple times — and I’ve been to Montpelier once — we decided to start the tour near home and in the beginning, with another repeat visit to Mount Vernon today.

We’ll hit the other Virginia presidential homes as soon as we can and then branch out to the other homes. And we’ll document it all here, in word and in pictures. The first round of photos from Mount Vernon follows this entry, and you can see samples from my Flickr account featured on the right side of this blog.

You’re welcome to join us on the journey virtually and share your thoughts along the way in the comments, and you can e-mail me at

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